John Rutter: The Sprig of Thyme

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Note Bashing Files for May 2012.
These files are available in two formats - .mid and .mp3.
Midi files are small and so are easy to email/upload from the website.
The mp3 files are better quality but much larger, and so these are only on the CDs.
The files have been created using Coda Finale. I have had more time to prepare
the files for this concert and so most of the dynamic variations are present in
your line. Your vocal line has been emphasised (Oboe and right channel) to aid
learning. The other parts (Choir Aahs) and orchestral reduction (String Ensemble)
have been reduced and placed on the left channel.
I have also prepared files where all parts are equally balanced.
These are usually named SATB or the equivalent.
I’ve matched the Mozart tempi with those on my CD. For the Rutter I have used
those given in the copy. Again, I hope they are what Laurence wants. I’ve used
the same method of naming the files; it seemed to work OK last time.

Mozart Missa in C major “Coronation Mass”
The Kyrie, Gloria , and Sanctus have no gaps. I’ve split the Credo; the
first section 3a ends at bar 60, 3b starts here with Et incarnatus. The
Benedictus starts at bar 51. The Agnes Dei starts at bar 69.
Rutter Sprig of Thyme
Nos. 1, 2, 3, 6, 8 and 11 are SATB (with SOP2 in 2 and 6). 4 and 7 are
Sops only. 9 is SA unison. 5 is TB, and 10 is TTBB.

ENJOY! Alan ( – feedback welcome!)