Mendelssohn: Elijah

ALTO files - note ALTO1 and ALTO2 in chorus 11

Click on each title and your playback software (e.g. Windows media player) should open at the correct place.

01 Help Lord sALTOtb.MID

02 Lord, bow thine ear SOPALTOtb.MID

05 Yet doth the Lord sALTOtb.MID

10a Thou art Elijah sALTOtb.MID

10b And then we shall see sALTOtb.MID

11 Baal, we cry to thee ssaALTO2ttbb.MID

11 Baal, we cry to thee ssALTO1attbb.MID

12b Hear our cry, O Baal sALTOtb.MID

13b Baal! Hear and answer sALTOatb.MID

15 Cast thy burden upon the Lord sALTOtb.MID

16 The fire descends sALTOtb.MID

19a Open the heavens sALTOtb.MID

19b Then hear from heaven sALTOtb.MID

19c Thanks be to God for all sALTOtb.MID

20 Thanks be to God sALTOtb.MID

22 Be not afraid sALTOtb.MID

23 We heard it with our ears sALTOtb.MID

24 Woe to him! sALTOtb.MID

28 Lift thine eyes ssALTO.MID

29 He, watching over Israel sALTOtb.MID

32 He that shall endure to the end sALTOtb.MID

38 Then did Elijah sALTOtb.MID

42 And then shall your light break forth sALTOtb.MID