These are the Bass files

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01a Come ye daughters bars 16-38 BASS

01b See it! His innocence Bars 41-52 BASS

01c Look! on our offence bars 56-70 BASS

01d See Him filled bars 71-end BASS

01full bars 16-end BASS

14 Where, where BASS

15 Lord, is it I BASS

16 Tis I whose sin BASS

21 Receive me my Redeemer BASS

23 Here would I stand BASS

25 O Saviour, why BASS

26a And so our sin bars 20-31 BASS

26b The griefs that He 46 -82 BASS

31 O Father let thy will be done BASS

33b Have lightnings BASS

35a O Man thy heavy sin bars 16-49 BASS

35b He healed the sick bars 55-end BASS

42b He guilty is of death BASS

43 Now tell us BASS

44 O Lord, who dares BASS

48 Lamb of God BASS

49b But what is that BASS

53 Commit thy way BASS

54b Barrabas BASS

59a Let Him be crucified BASS

59b His blood be on us BASS

62 Hail, Hail King BASS

63 O sacred head BASS

67a Thou that destroyest BASS

67b He saved others BASS

71 He calleth for Elias BASS

72 Be near me BASS

73 Truly this was BASS

76 Sir, we remember BASS

78a We bow our heads bars 10-24 BASS

78b We bow our heads bars 34-80 BASS

78d We bow our heads bars 114-end BASS

78full We bow our heads BASS